Ocracoke Real Estate

Ocracoke Island’s real estate scene is like Ocracoke overall—a world apart from the norm. To begin with, on the entire 16-mile-long island, there’s only the tiny tip that’s populated; the rest of the island is wide open, beautiful, undeveloped territory. Hmmm, let’s see: In the current economy, the number of houses available for sale has increased, and there are even more open lots situated beside the most beautiful undevelopable beach around…and that makes Ocracoke Island real estate pretty darn appealing. Yep, it’s appealing for you and probably the vast majority of people who’ve ever spent time here. You won’t be finding rock bottom prices on any of Ocracoke’s real estate again for a long time.

What you will find, however, is a real estate selection that’s perhaps more varied than you would expect. There are condos, newer houses and, if you’re really lucky, a handful of wonderful historic homes for sale. 

To find out more about Ocracoke Island real estate companies, many of which offer online request forms, choose from the following list. Also visit our Ocracoke Vacation Rentals page for vacation rentals.

Blue Heron Realty—Vacation Rentals
161 Back Road 
(252) 928-7117, (866) 576-7117 
Blue Heron Realty, under the leadership of Broker Jennifer Esham, is Ocracoke’s newest property management company and a good place to visit for vacation rentals. Jennifer grew up on Ocracoke Island in a family that owned and operated the Pony Island Motel for many years. Her father was also involved in island real estate. Blue Heron Realty is under the sister agency of Ocracoke’s Lightship Realty, another hometown company that specializes in just sales. Blue Heron Realty brings a fresh perspective, traditional values of service and hospitality and a desire to provide a choice of vacation rentals.

Ocracoke’s Lightship Realty
49 Lighthouse Road
(252) 928-2809
The team at Ocracoke’s Lightship Realty have many years of living on Ocracoke and lots of experience with real estate sales. In fact, that is their total purpose, working with buyers and sellers, navigating the multiple agency requirements for property sales and working to preserve the historic flavor of the island.

Ocracoke Island Realty
1075 Irvin Garrish Highway 
(252) 928-6261 
Ocracoke Island Realty offers more than 300 rental properties, ranging from charming historic cottages to elegant new homes. Vacation rentals are offered at various locations throughout the island. The company also handles real estate sales. Call for a free rental brochure that details each and every property.


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