Ocracoke Vacations – The Shoulder Season

Ocracoke’s “off” season just might be the perfect time to see the island.

Ocracoke Island in the spring and the fall is in some ways even better than in the summer months. With fewer tourists and plenty of opportunities for fun and reserving beautiful accommodations, why wait til summer?

Wonderful weather, miles of beach to yourself, low vacation rental rates – though some call it the off-season, and some consider it our shoulder season, no matter what you call it, the locals will tell you it’s the time to vacation on Ocracoke Island. Traditionally, you’ll find the waters still warm enough for wading, surfing and swimming, with a cool breeze while you ride your bike or golf cart through the picturesque streets of Ocracoke village.

All the Ocracoke activities you expect to enjoy during the summer are also available in the spring and fall. Vacation rental and hotel rates are generally much less expensive during these months, with the Ocracoke restaurants, grocery stores and gift stores less busy and generally (with a few exceptions) open to visitors. It’s the best time to get to know a few locals and really get into that Ocracoke Island vibe.