Ocracoke Activities & Programs

Ocracoke activities fill the summer months with fun, movement and experiences that make for a memorable vacation. We all know that being out on the beach is a fun past time by itself. However the different towns’ distinct offerings are your opportunity to change up the usual schedule on the Outer Banks. Come to Ocracoke and enjoy the island’s beautiful environment by renting a bike for the day to explore the roads and trails. If you want to move a little faster, rent a golf cart and whiz around, enjoying the sensation of the ocean breeze tousling your hair. To incorporate some surf into your turf, take a kayak or standup paddle board tour through the waterways. Those who want to take advantage of the many angling opportunities may opt to go on a charter fishing trip with the captains and mates who know the waters around Ocracoke well. Dive into the island’s culture and heritage when you partake in Ocracoke activities that expose you to a new side of the town’s history and culture.

Wind Down with Ocracoke Activities

After trying all of these different activities, treat yourself to a little rest and relaxation. After all that’s an essential part to the island lifestyle. Check out a local spa or join a yoga class one day to find your vacation Zen. Another option is combining the exercise with the relaxation? It’s not everywhere you can try doing yoga on a paddleboard or take a kayaking excursion to an isolated location for a Tai Chi session. Another Ocracoke activity could be a visit to the museum at the Ocracoke Preservation Society. Ocracoke activities are great for visitors of all ages, so if you want to do a paddle trip with the family, have at it! No matter what the members of your crew take interest in, there’s an activity on Ocracoke they’re sure to love.