Ocracoke Programs & Activities

Ocracoke activities fill the summer months with fun, exercise and memories that make for a memorable vacation. Of course just being out on the beach is fun, but why not try switching up the usual schedule? Enjoy the island’s beautiful environment by renting a bike for the day to explore the island, take a kayak tour through the waterways or go on a charter fishing adventure with captains and mates who know the waters well and where to catch the best fish. After trying all of these different activities, treat yourself to a little rest and relaxation. Check out a local spa or join a yoga class one day to find your vacation Zen. Or what if you combined the exercise with the relaxation? Try doing yoga on a paddleboard or kayaking around to isolated spots to do some T'ai Chi. Another Ocracoke activity could be renting a golf cart for the day. Whiz around in style as you enjoy the warm sea breeze that refreshes you from the seat of your golf cart. Ocracoke activities are great for visitors of all ages, so if you want to do a kayak tour with the family, have at it! Ocracoke has an activity or two to capture anyone’s interest.