Ocracoke Events

On Ocracoke Island you’ll have no trouble filling your days and nights with fun things to do. Yes, the island is small, but that doesn’t mean there’s nothing happening. The islanders do a great job with planning a wide range of Ocracoke events for everyone to enjoy, and this is the place to find them. In this section you’ll find our listings for Daytime and Nightlife Ocracoke events so you’ll get a big picture of the day by day things to do on the island. You’ll see everything from special programs at local attractions to festival schedules to the live music lineup for the evening. What’s best about this list is that you can search events by exact dates. So whether you’re looking to see what’s happening today or you’re looking ahead to the Ocracoke events that will happen the week of your vacation, the information is here.

Everything You Need to Know about Ocracoke Events

Our Ocracoke Events listings don’t just give you an event name and date. We give you everything you need to know. Click on the event name and you’ll open a pop-up that gives you a description, prices (if applicable), event times, the location address, a phone number, a website for more information and, in many cases, a direct link on where to get tickets. We make it easy so you’ll spend less time planning and more time having fun.

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