Ocracoke Articles

Ocracoke Beaches & Wildlife

By Molly Harrison
Ocracoke’s beaches are protected, pristine and a pure joy to behold. Imagine standing on a beach that for miles in either direction is nothing but sand, surf, and dunes. No hotels. No condos. Just the freedom to do as you please. Ocracoke is famous for the natural beauty of its sand, sun and surf. With 16 miles of... Read More

How to Get Around Ocracoke

By Molly Harrison
Ocracoke Island offers golf carts, bicycle rentals and even a tram, so there are lots of ways to get around the island. Feet also work since the village area is easily walkable, and Lifeguard Beach is only 2 miles from the village. For those who like a motor and a top, try a golf cart rental. The speed limit village-... Read More

Ocracoke’s Banker Ponies

By Molly Harrison
On the sound side of the island seven miles north of Ocracoke Village is a 188-acre plot of land. Behind a wooden fence lives the herd of Ocracoke Banker Ponies, descendants of Spanish mustangs who survived a shipwreck just offshore several hundred years ago. Due to the traffic on Highway 12 through Ocracoke, the... Read More

How to Get to Ocracoke

By Beth P. Storie
How do you get to Ocracoke? Well, the fun begins with your journey here. Think of any great adventure movie – especially one with a remote, exotic destination. Typically, the hero doesn’t arrive in first class on some commercial airliner; that would be a pretty boring adventure. Such is the case with your own Ocracoke... Read More

Ocracoke Island's Beloved Annual Events

By Molly Harrison
The people of Ocracoke love to celebrate their island. All year long they host fun, family-friendly events, and they welcome visitors to join them in their island-wide celebrations. APRIL Ocracoke Island Waterfowl Festival Decoy carvers and aficionados will again descend on Ocracoke for the Third Annual Ocracoke... Read More