Ocracoke Events: Daytime

Information on COVID-19

With restrictions still in place limiting gatherings to no more than 10 people, you can imagine that a lot of the daytime (and nighttime) events on Ocracoke Island have had to either cancel or adapt. But we're all about adapting around here, given our history of hurricanes and flooding events that alter day-to-day life for periods of time. Some outdoor events where it's easy to social distance, such as fishing tournaments, are still a go. Others, such as concerts and some festivals, have had to take a year off. Still, you'll see from the list below that there are still daytime events to take part in. This list will change regularly as we hear from local businesses and nonprofits as they firm up their summer plans. 


One of Ocracoke's most notable features is its sense of community, which is often fostered by Ocracoke events. If there’s a party, everyone’s invited. If there’s a festival, everyone will be there. If there’s a hurricane, everyone’s helping their neighbor. See where this is going? Ocracoke events help bring the community together and invoke a sense of camaraderie.

Music sits at the heart of the most popular Ocracoke events. As Shakespeare wrote, “If music be the food of love, play on.” On this island music is the food of love that helps keep Ocracoke the tight-knit community we love. One of the most popular Ocracoke events is the Ocrafolk Festival, where musicians and storytellers congregate for three days of creativity and fun. In addition to the Ocrafolk Festival, local musicians and bands, such as Molasses Creek, travel around to restaurants and other venues on the island. If you have the chance to check out these artists, you won’t want to miss it. It’s a great way to get a taste of local music and culture.

Culture Flourishes in Ocracoke Events

Keep an eye open for other festivals and Ocracoke events that might take place during your time visiting the island. Since Ocracoke is also a haven for artists, you'll find plenty of activities oriented toward the arts. From exhibition openings to various festivals and celebrations, Ocracoke events offer entertainment and fun to the whole community. Although these programs and events often frequently seem community-centric, visitors are welcome to attend. Don’t be shy – get out there, hear stories and make life-long friendships. Browse through the listing below to find out what’s happening during your time in Ocracoke. If you’re on the hunt for entertainment to fill your evening hours, our Ocracoke Nightlife page guides you to all of the events that occur after sunset.