Ocracoke Vacation Rentals

Sometimes you want – or need – more space and amenities than you get with a hotel room. Ocracoke’s vacation rental home offerings step right up to provide the goods. From high-end condos rich with amenities to small cottages that have hosted the same fishermen for decades, there’s a lot to choose from. One great aspect of Ocracoke vacation rentals is that a good number of them are in historic homes. However don’t mistake historic for rustic. These homes have since been upgraded to provide all the features visitors want without losing the island’s architectural grace that makes this place so special. Don’t just imagine what it’s like living in history for a week; Ocracoke vacation rentals let you actually experience it!

Ocracoke’s vacation rentals can be found on the waterfront and along many of the quiet, meandering back streets. There’s frequently the chance that your neighbors are locals who have lived here long enough to have island tales to tell (that is … if you’re lucky. Go befriend them to see for yourself!). This is a treat that gives you a blend of Ocracoke’s culture for the precious time you’re here.

Ocracoke Vacation Rentals Unlike Any Others

The fact that there are only two Ocracoke vacation rental companies that represent rentable homes and cottages is actually a plus. Compared to the northern beaches, where you have scores of Outer Banks vacation rental companies to try to decide between, now it’s easy to find where you want to stay. Take this as a sign of the simpler pace of life that unfolds on Ocracoke Island. It invites people to slow down and be happy, and it’s quintessentially Ocracoke. Where better to enjoy that sort of bliss than in an Ocracoke vacation rental? To make the experience all the better, be sure to check out our page for Ocracoke Vacation Rental Deals to see what specials and savings you could score during your trip.

Blue Heron Realty – Vacation Rentals

Ocracoke Vacation Rentals
585-B Irvin Garrish Highway, Ocracoke
(252) 928-7117
(866) 576-7117

Blue Heron Realty provides a choice of Ocracoke Island vacation rentals on the soundfront, harbor and various locations around the village. Blue Heron Realty is the sister agency of Ocracoke’s Lightship Realty, another hometown company that specializes in property sales only. Golf cart rentals are available at the rental office in Spencer's Market. Book online 24/7, or call the office for more information. 

Ocracoke Island Realty — Vacation Rentals

Ocracoke Vacation Rentals
1075 Irvin Garrish Highway, Ocracoke
(855) 992-1777

Ocracoke Island Realty offers more than 300 rental properties ranging from charming historic cottages to elegant new homes at various locations throughout the island. The company prides itself on its outstanding customer service and goes the extra mile to make your vacation memorable. The realty office also offers real estate sales with local agents to help you realize the goal of owning a little piece... read more

Ocracoke Island Realty offers more than 300 rental properties ranging from charming historic cottages to... read more