Ocracoke Restaurant Specials

Ocracoke is full of surprises when it comes to its shops, accommodations and attractions, and the restaurants are no exception. Ocracoke’s delicious and diverse selection of restaurants would make you think you were vacationing in a buzzing mainland town as opposed to a tiny fishing village. With Ocracoke restaurants ranging from pub fare, seafood baskets, upscale entrées, Thai cuisine and a handful of coffee houses, foodies can eat to their hearts’ content during their vacation. While these restaurants’ menus are enough to keep you satisfied for consecutive meals, the specialty dishes deserve serious consideration when it comes to placing your order. These Ocracoke restaurant specials range from the fresh catch of the day fish to a dessert creation that will make your mouth feel like its taste buds are singing. Some of these specials make an appearance only every so often in Ocracoke restaurants (such as the seasonal soft crabs), so it’s a good idea to take advantage of them whenever possible. Sure, that hamburger sounds good, but when and where else could you get some freshly caught mahi mahi along with a crabcake? You can get a burger anywhere, but these specials are singular. Check out the listings of Ocracoke restaurants below to learn what goodies are being offered today and possibly claim a new favorite food.