Ocracoke Restaurants

For such a small and remote island, the multitude of impressive Ocracoke restaurants surprises many visitors.

You’ll be surprised at the number of great Ocracoke Island restaurants. Almost as surprising as their number is the variation among them. What are you hungry for? A classic basket of game fish and hush puppies, a steak dinner, a romantic evening complete with crisp tablecloths and twinkling lights, food truck quick eats, a pastry with coffee, ice cream or just a drink? Ocracoke restaurants’ diversity is also worth a mention. Flavors from Mexico, Thailand, Italy, Greece and the Bayou found at Ocracoke Island restaurants spice up the local dining scene. With so many options all within a short drive – or bike ride if you really want to do it the island way – dining ruts don’t exist among Ocracoke Island restaurants during the busy season. The off-season is a little different for Ocracoke restaurants. Many places close for the winter and part of the spring, but don’t worry – come Easter, they’re often up and running once again. If you’re visiting in the off-season, call ahead.

Ocracoke Restaurants Unlike Any Others

This island’s restaurants are owned by locals and operated by them too. The distinctive spirit and vibe of the community shape Ocracoke restaurants, making them places that locals frequent on a daily basis and beloved traditions for returning visitors. Just like the island’s independent and one of a kind spirit, the restaurant scene is proud of its individuality, and you won’t find any chain names here.

Seafood is the other trend that dominates Ocracoke Island restaurants. It’s local, it’s fresh and it’s nothing short of dang delicious – what more do you need to know? Forget farm to table; here the custom is boat to table, and sometimes that means literally. Head down to the harbor to see the boats unloading their catches at the fish house. Fish, crabs, clams, shrimp and oysters abound depending on the season, and much of it goes straight to the local restaurants. There’s more to island dining than seafood, though. Fresh produce, meats and all the usual offerings are available too. To learn more about what these kitchens are cooking up each day, find the Daily Specials at Ocracoke Restaurants here.