Things to Do in Ocracoke

If you’re on the hunt for things to do on Ocracoke Island, boredom is the least of your worries. Ocracoke Island is a recreational wonderland, and finding fun here never takes long. From historic ghost walks that explore the island’s history and lore, charter fishing trips, kayak tours and beyond, the majority of things to do in Ocracoke enable to you know this island, the community and culture. One of our favorite parts of the most popular things to do in Ocracoke is that they’re completely free! And even if they aren’t, they’re still pretty inexpensive. There’s not a traditional taxi service here, but the island way of getting around involves walking, biking or a cruising in a golf cart. The village area can easily be covered in a matter of minutes.

The primary things to do on Ocracoke Island – attractions and outdoor recreation – stay pretty simple and unfettered. The setting and community provide the entertainment on Ocracoke. Enjoy a guided walk through the woods, listen to local musicians performing at live shows or gather around the old-timers to hear the stories of years past.

Unwind with Things to Do in Ocracoke

It seems that when people are here, they content themselves with less stimulation than what’s found in the hustles and bustle of cities. Things to do in Ocracoke celebrate simplicity: quiet walks on the beach (Cape Hatteras National Seashore), fishing and clamming, looking for shells, building a sandcastle, strolling around the village, sitting on the porch swing, observing nature or chasing ghost crabs in the moonlight. If you’re looking for more, walk or bike to the Ocracoke Campground on the new paved bike trail, stroll over to the Ocracoke Lighthouse (the oldest in North Carolina and still operating) and the Preservation Museum, or go out and visit the ponies and take a little hike. You get the idea.

One last note to remember, when we refer to the locations for things to do on Ocracoke Island, Irvin Garrish Highway is also known as NC Highway 12.