Village Craftsmen, Donna Robertson Fine Art

Donna Robertson Fine Art

Oil and acrylic paintings from NC artist Donna Robertson
Village Craftsmen, Jellyfish Chandeliers

Jellyfish Chandeliers

Sizes are about 9” in diameter and 24” long.
Village Craftsmen, Jewelweed Spray

Jewelweed Spray

The best anti-itch spray ever! Use it for mosquitoes, poison ivy, chiggers, gnats and hives. It works like a charm, and a little goes a long way. It’s made by our Leaf Peeper tea maker.
Village Craftsmen, Jim Goodwin Bottle Art

Jim Goodwin Bottle Art

The gorgeous art of Jim Goodwin is always a crowd pleaser!
Village Craftsmen, Ocracoke Shirts

Ocracoke Shirts

Available in different designs and colors.
Village Craftsmen, Ocracoke Tree Ornament

Ocracoke Tree Ornament

Made by a small, family run business BE Creations and Design.
Village Craftsmen, Elias Studios Glass

Elias Studios Glass

Individually blown hot glass in unique color combinations.
Village Craftsmen, Pewter Measuring Spoons: Cats

Pewter Measuring Spoons: Cats

These pewter standing cats are decor that are meant to be useful! Flip them over and you have a tablespoon, teaspoon, half teaspoon or quarter teaspoon right at your disposal.
Village Craftsmen, Storm Levels Glasses

Storm Levels Glasses

Double old fashioned or wine glass with different level markings on the side.