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Outer Banks Things to Do: Scenes of Solitude & Places of Peace

By Hannah Lee Leidy
For many of us, our day-to-day lives are filled with bustle: Go to work, run errands, pick up kids from school, make meals, oops – did you remember to grab more milk from the grocery? Even on vacation we may find ourselves calming squabbling relatives, making six different lunches at a time or trying to amuse a house... Read More

Maximizing the Value of Your Outer Banks Property

By Anonymous
By F. Jeffrey Scott A buyer recently viewed a house for sale that set high on a hill overlooking the ocean in Southern Shores. From the outside this house looked fabulous. It had the highest grade siding, beautiful landscaping and a large pool. It looked like the perfect second home. The buyer’s hopes were dashed,... Read More

The Outer Banks … An Investment in a Lifestyle

By Anonymous
By F. Jeffrey Scott It’s not difficult to fall in love with the Outer Banks. From combing the beach for shells as the sun rises over the Atlantic to watching the sunset over the sound, there are a myriad of activities here that somehow allow you to relax and forget about life’s worries back on the mainland. It is... Read More

Buying Bank-Owned Properties on the Outer Banks

By Anonymous
By F. Jeffrey Scott Bank-owned properties have traditionally been known as great opportunities for buyers to purchase a property at significantly less than current market value. It is possible to purchase a great valued foreclosure property on the Outer Banks, but buyers must be very careful because there are many... Read More

Ocracoke Island's Rich History

By Anonymous
By Jenny Scarborough A common question from first-time visitors is, “How do you pronounce the name of this place?” It seems people have been asking that for years. The earliest record of the island’s name, on a map made by English explorer John White in 1585, designates the inlet as “Wokokon.” Subsequent spellings... Read More