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Five Things Your Realtor Should Do (And What You Need to Do)

By Jeff Scott
I recently was in the market to purchase a bicycle. For me this purchase seemed like a no-brainer. On my way over to one of the national chain stores that carries everything from baby food to big-screen TVs, I stopped by a local bike shop. While there the sales person took some measurements and asked me a few... Read More

Building on the Outer Banks: A Few Challenges You Need to Know About

By Jeff Scott
The idea of having a home at the beach and going through the process of planning, designing and constructing that dream can be a fulfilling and enjoyable experience. But the real enjoyment starts when the project is finished. Picture yourself during that first weekend living in your new home. You positioned the house... Read More

Top Ten Tips for Outer Banks Home Buyers

By Anonymous
By F. Jeffrey Scott When purchasing a home on the Outer Banks, there are things you can do to save time now and headaches later. These are the Top Ten areas where buyers waste time and set themselves up for potential problems after purchase. Follow these suggestions and give yourself more time on the beach! 1)... Read More

Get in the Game: A Guide for Renting Your Outer Banks Home

By Molly Harrison
Renting is a way to offset the costs of owning an Outer Banks vacation home. But renting your second home to vacationers is not as simple as installing a pool and putting up a “For Rent” sign in the yard. If you want to generate a reasonable amount of income, you’ve got to be a serious player in the rental game.... Read More

Keep It Local When Financing Your Outer Banks Property

By Editorial Staff
When financing an Outer Banks real estate purchase, going with a local lender just makes sense. “Local lenders are familiar with the different nuances found in this unique resort market,” says Outer Banks Realtor Jeff Scott. First and foremost, local lenders understand vacation rental homes, and most out of area... Read More