Ocracoke Articles

Vacation Rentals: Your Outer Banks Home Away from Home

By Molly Harrison
Should you rent a vacation home on the Outer Banks? Hundreds of thousands of Outer Banks vacationers do it every year. They know that renting a home away from home makes good vacation sense. And maybe it’s time for you to do it too. If you think renting a vacation home is something that only people with lots of money... Read More

Fishing Frenzy: Catching Fish on the Outer Banks

By Molly Harrison
The Outer Banks is one of the best places in the world to fish. A wide variety of fish are out there swimming in the ocean and sounds, even in a few lakes, ponds and creeks, and there are many people out there who are willing to help you catch them. On the Outer Banks you can choose from head boats, offshore charters... Read More

Top 10 Things To Do on Ocracoke

By Editorial Staff
1. Start the day at one of the local coffee shops, Ocracoke Coffee Co. or Magic Bean Coffee Bazaar. Instead of rushing off with your coffee in hand, sit down outside and savor your breakfast while making new friends, island style. 2. Hit the bike path at the edge of town, riding or walking along N.C. 12 from town... Read More

Save Time and Money: Hire an Outer Banks Realtor

By Jeff Scott
Ok, you’ve fallen in love with the Outer Banks. If this is your year to purchase a property here, what’s the next step? In many locations seller’s agents have listed an acceptable sales price for their property, so you know the maximum you will have to pay for specific properties. Unfortunately, there is no easy... Read More

Outer Banks Seafood How Tos

By Editorial Staff
How to Clean A Blue Crab Steamed crabs are one of the most delectable seafood treats. But there’s a definite art to cleaning a blue crab so that you get every little morsel of meat out of that tricky shell. Here’s how you do it: 1. Remove the two large pincer claws by breaking them off at the body. Set the claws... Read More