Ocracoke Articles

A History of Roanoke Island

By Editorial Staff
Few names in American history awaken echoes as "Roanoke" does. Roanoke Island ... this is where, four centuries ago, the curtain began to rise on English colonization in the Americas ... then dropped, never to lift again for that brave, small first colony. What happened to them? Where did they go and why? To... Read More

Kitty Hawk History

By Editorial Staff
The name Kitty Hawk is probably a corruption of the Poteskeet Indian word Chickahauk. It's a town typical of the northern Banks – that is, a study in contrasts. There's a quaint old Kitty Hawk nestled far back alongside the sound. There's a more recent, but visibly aging, Kitty Hawk beach, along the sea on the Beach... Read More

The Outer Banks – History Through the Ages

By Editorial Staff
What are the Outer Banks? To the visitor, they are wind, sand and fun. To the artist, they are a thin line of beauty drawn at the edge of a blue, blue sea. To lovers of the past, they are the cite of events that created not just Outer Banks history but history that impacted humankind. To the resident, whose family has... Read More

Discover the Sound Side

By Molly Harrison
There are two sides to every coin, and the Outer Banks is no exception. On one side of the barrier islands is the deep, majestic Atlantic Ocean with its salty flavor and moody waves and currents. One day it can be as calm as a lamb, and the next it can be as wild and roaring as a lion. On the other side of the... Read More

Corolla Ghost Stories from Norris Austin

By Editorial Staff
Until he passed away in 2017, Norris Austin was the oldest living Corolla native. His grew up in Corolla and lived there almost all of his life. Like his father before him, he was the postmaster of Corolla for years. Austin had a great memory and a gift for telling stories. Here are a few of the stories he told about... Read More