Ocracoke Articles

Say It Like a Local

By Molly Harrison
Locals get a good chuckle when a visitor mispronounces an Outer Banks place name, but honestly, we all have to admit that some of the place names on the Outer Banks are a little strange and difficult to pronounce. How are you supposed to know that Corolla is not pronounced like the car made by Toyota? If you’re... Read More

The Best Family-Friendly Things to Do on the Outer Banks

By Molly Harrison
You’re on vacation – you’ve got hours of free time. It’s the perfect time to try something new or do something just for the fun of it. We promise you’ll never be bored on the Outer Banks. When you’ve exhausted the obvious things to do with the family — the beach, the pool and ice cream — check out these ideas for... Read More

The Dish on Dining Out

By Molly Harrison
You’re going to eat well on the Outer Banks. Steaming-hot shrimp with a sprinkling of Old Bay seasoning and a side of melted butter. Fat morsels of jumbo lump crab meat piled into cakes. Rich, silky she-crab soup with the perfect blend of sherry and cream. Battered oysters, flash-fried to crispy perfection, dipped in... Read More

Stay Safe on the Outer Banks

By Molly Harrison
You’re here and you’re happy-go-lucky, but while you’re out having fun, keep these few things in mind to ensure that you have a relaxed and safe vacation. Driving Safety With only a few main roads to keep track of and water always within sight to help you get your bearings, it’s extremely easy to get around on the... Read More

The Beautiful Corolla Wild Horses

By Editorial Staff
No matter how many times you’ve seen them, seeing the wild horses roaming free on the northern Outer Banks is an amazing sight. We’re so used to seeing horses contained in pens and cared for as pets that to see them wild and taking care of themselves is always surprising. A herd of approximately 100 wild Colonial... Read More